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Rentals: An Ideal Solution To Meet Your
Short-Term and Long-Term Material Handling Needs

When the project needs more equipment, make it PSL Company with Raymond electric forklift trucks from USA.

To meet the needs of a short-term or long-term project, an unexpected surge in volume or a seasonal peak or a need of equipment but does not own them, a Raymond rental is the smart and economical solution to meet your material handling needs.
The benefits are simple: no need to increase the size of your fleet and asset base to handle temporary fluctuations in customer demand.

Raymond rentals are ideal for:
Supplementing your existing equipment for seasonal requirements, unplanned peaks in activity, and when you're conducting physical inventory or replacing trucks for scheduled repairs.
Maximizing equipment use to help you better manage capital costs when right-sizing your fleet
Establishing the value of equipment to your organization before purchasing or leasing. A short-term rental is an inexpensive way to try a piece of equipment to ensure that it best fits your needs
Renting specialized equipment for special projects or short-term needs
Meeting emergency equipment needs when changing to multiple shifts or waiting for delivery of new equipment.





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