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The Industry's #1 Swing-Reach® Trucks and Transtackers

Extend Your Warehouse
Capacity Up To 300%

Raymond Understands What You Need to be Productive... and Our Reach-Fork Trucks Deliver Every Day.

With usable warehouse space at a premium, the only way to maximize your storage capacity and your profits is to go higher and narrower.

Which is exactly why we engineered our Swing-Reach trucks and Transtackers.

The result for you is immediate: increase pallet capacity up to 3-times - all within the same warehouse footprint.


High Performance DNA

  High Performance DN

• Increases usable warehouse space up to 300%

• Pallet handling and case picking versatility

• Reduced energy consumption

• Exclusive ACR System™

• Patented no-tune wire-guided steering system

Advanced Engineering


Advanced Engineering

• Regenerative lowering system returns 11% of energy directly back to the battery

• Smooth hydraulics for high-precision load control

• Patented no-tune wire-guided steering system




• Handle designed to match an operator's natural motions

• Wrap-around driver comfort for all day support and enhanced productivity

• Clear view mast design for unmatched visibility, with lift heights up to 45'

• 3 positions: sitting, standing, leaning

Configurable to Your Needs

 Configurable to Your Needs

• Extended Load Handler offers operators capability to place, pick and move a variety of load sizes-loads up to 48" deep by 108" wide in aisles as narrow as 68"