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Raymond Sit-down Counterbalanced Truck Model 4450

Do More And Do It Better

Superior Versatility: Ideal for working the dock, ramps, long distance transport, and even tight manufacturing spaces.

The ACR System™: Enjoy powerful AC drive for longer battery life, less downtime and reduced cost of ownership.

Unparalleled Responsiveness and Control: Steer wheels turn at a right angle to the drive tires, while the drive tires counter rotate in tight turns, delivering outstanding maneuverability.

Improved Load Handling Capabilities Help Decrease Product Damage: Our specially designed features, including speed reduction during cornering, mast dampening for improved load handling, and wide steer tire placement, combine to enhance truck stability and operator performance.

 Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes: Our sealed oil-cooled brake system helps keep out dirt and grime, and can last significantly longer than dry friction brakes.

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