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7200/7300 Reach-Fork Truck


A Fit For Every Application.

The 7200/7300 Reach-Fork Truck is engineered to handle a broad range of applications – from small footprints to maximum throughput needs. With battery compartments ranging from 14.12” to 21.12” and designed with our ACR SystemTM, you can move more product faster with a truck designed for your application.

Quick Specs

The 7200/7300 has a variety of configurations to suit your application:

24 and 36-Volt

14.12”, 16.12”, 18.12”, 21.12” battery compartments

4500 Ib. max capacity, 3000 Ib. Deep-Reach capacity

301” maximum elevated height










Productivity is often the result of faster point-to-point travel and driven by the whole cycle; a combination of factors including acceleration, deceleration, time spent lifting and traveling, and battery consumption.


The ACR System provides smoother direction changes for more efficient load handling and movement in storage aisles.

Steered idler

The steered idler reduces time spent backing away from the rack with a load elevated at 30’ because of no caster snap, assisting operator confidence.



Visibility leads to increased productivity and operator confidence, fewer errors and less product, rack and facility damage.




Operators love the 7200/7300 Series Reach-Fork truck because it is easy to learn and designed with smart ergonomics that make it easy to operate. The truck’s ergonomic design matches the operator’s natural motions and feature intuitive operator interfaces with roomy compartments and ample space for multiple work positions.


Open View Mast

One of the most critical factors for better control and precise load handling is visibility. Our patented open view mast design allows operators to see both forks on either side of the truck no matter where they are positioned. This superior visibility at all areas of operation reduces product and facility damage, increases operator comfort and confidence – and ultimately – your bottom line.


Single Axis Control Handle

Simultaneous function provides discrete, intuitively mapped controls that are easily learned. Consistency of handle design included on other Raymond models assists in cross-training of operators.


Universal Stand

Designed for changing direction of travel – each position provides the operator the opportunity to find the best line of sight based on the application and task at hand.




When backing away from the rack with the mast extended and the forks carrying a ton of payload, the exclusive Raymond suspension has many features to make the action secure, providing the operator with confidence. This stable design starts from the base and continues on up to a large 9.25” mainframe that reduces mast sway and contributes to better load control.

Ductile Iron Baselegs


Ductile iron is 30% stronger and more durable than steel – ensuring more reliable load support when absorbing stresses.


Inertial Dampener

Provides a stable response to the dynamics of right angle stacking at higher elevations and uneven floors; reducing shocks and sways and increasing operator performance.


Steered Idler and A-Frame Suspension

A-Frame provides four-point suspension while the steered idler prevents caster snap and provides full-time traction and steering alignment.




With increasing demands on operations, warehouse managers work lift trucks longer and harder to stay ahead – so there’s no time for downtime. To maximize cost effectiveness, Raymond Reach-Fork trucks are designed to lower your total cost of ownership by fully applying the principles and practices of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our commitment to quality delivers longer component life, longer scheduled maintenance intervals, and easier service access and diagnostics. All of which keep your trucks on the floor and working longer, harder, and even smarter.


Bolt-on wheel Plates

Provides easy load wheel replacement. Technicians can remove and take to a workbench for convenience.


Flex-circuit Technology

Easy to remove control handle with only 35 parts - 61% fewer parts than competing models - for less maintenance and lower costs.


Engineered 500 hour Scheduled Maintenance

500 hours scheduled maintenance interval compared to competitor’s 250 hours, results in lower cost of ownership.




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