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Raymond: Superior Grocery Solution Provider

Grocery Material Handling Solutions: Superior Grocery Solution Provider

Grocery Solution Provider

Unparalleled understanding of the grocery industry

Raymond in Grocery Solution Provider

Grocery distribution is a fast-paced environment that is tough on lift trucks. When running multiple shifts around the clock, grocers need trucks with durability, reliability, and performance — and that's why so many depend on Raymond's material handling solutions and superior lift trucks.

Since 1951, when Raymond designed the first power-driven, narrow aisle material handling truck, Raymond has been in the forefront on improving grocery productivity with innovations. Today, Raymond offers a full line of electric lift trucks for all of your material handling needs, whether at your distribution centers or in the backroom of your retail stores.

Slim profit margins, competitive pressures and 24/7 operations make uptime and operator productivity more critical than ever. Raymond's ACR System delivers more uptime per battery charge. Raymond's CoastPro® system and Fork-tip Laser Guide increase operator efficiency and accuracy, resulting in more orders picked per hour. Our long history with the grocery industry enables us to create the right mix of leasing, renting, and ownership to meet all of your material handling needs.

Raymond Lift Trucks for the grocery industry:

 Reach-Fork Trucks

 Pallet Trucks

 Tow Tractors

 Walkie Stackers


 Swing-Reach Trucks

 Stand-up Counterbalanced

 Sit-down Counterbalanced 


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