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PSL held training course for forklift operators of Truong Giang Fishery Holdings Corp

On 25th June, PSL hosted a training course for forklift operators of Truong Giang Fishery Joint-stock Corp at its headquarter and processing factory locating at Sa Dec Industrial Zone, Dong Thap province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Truong Giang Corp is one of the most advanced Mekong Delta-based businesses specializing in processing and exporting seafood. Significantly, its production capacity has reached 100 tons per day while the sales and market share increased two-fold. The training program, incorporating a variety of classroom and hands-on training methods, such as interactive discussions, video and presentations, instructor-led demonstrations, and practical exercises for the participants, provided Truong Giang Corp's forklift operators with safety regulations in terms of forklift operation and provided pedestrians with the knowledge of how to act responsibly in environments where lift trucks are operating to create a more secure, productive environment. After being trained in theory classroom, the students participated in practical classroom when they were introduced operation skills, forklift and battery maintenance, and other issues in site.

Photographs below were taken in the training course.

Forklift Training course is a regular activity at PSL, providing operators, technicians and pedestrians with both theory and practical knowledge of forklift operating safety regulations and skills. All of the engaged participants are highly appreciated and satisfied with the program's remarkable benefits on their staff and the business as a whole.