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PSL held Forklift Operator Training Program for Van Duc Tien Giang Co.,Ltd

On 9th May 2016, Forklift Operator Training Program, hosted by PSL Co.,Ltd, was held at the meeting room of Van Duc Tien Giang Food Processing Export One Member Co.,Ltd. This aim to review and enhance knowledge that we provided to Van Duc Co. at the begin of 2016. The course was also included in the plan of Van Duc Tien Giang Co. for modernization and expanding its business. Recently, the company has just launched their largest and most advanced cold storage in Tien Giang province, located in Mekong Delta.

Photographs below was taken at the training course.

Operators of Van Duc Co. were watching a video demonstrating forklift's operation in the training course

PSL's Forklift Operator Training is designed to help protect customer’s people, equipment and materials

Technician Training for technicians at Battery Charge area of Van Duc Co.