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Real Activities of Raymond Forklifts in chain of cold storages in Vietnam

Cold storage system plays an important logistics role with produce and preservation activities, especially with food industries such as seafoods-exporting, which is being strongly developed in Vietnam. Material handling activities in warehouses require robust control systems and lift trucks that are intelligently designed to be tough.

The superior performance, robust control systems and unmatched reliability of Raymond lift trucks in freezer environments helps operators to reach peak efficiency. Raymond Forklift trucks supplied by P.S.L are working well and smoothly at most of cold storages in Vietnam.

Below are actual images of Raymond Forklifts supplied by P.S.L Co.,Ltd in action at cold storages in Vietnam.

Raymond End Rider Pallet Truck Model 8410 in action at Swire Cold Storage Vietnam. Photo: Swire Cold Storage VietNam

Swire Cold Storage VietNam has 18 distinct rooms of various sizes ranging from 450 to 5,000 standard pallets, and totaling 38,000 standard pallets in the aggregate. The temperature and humidity of each room can be controlled individually, allowing different products to be kept at different temperatures (ranging from -25˚C to +25˚C) within the same warehouse.

Designed to lower your total cost of ownership by minimizing downtime and reducing your maintenance costs, heavy-duty undercarriage components deliver reduced wear and maintainability, Raymond Pallet Trucks are able to meet the need of moving pallet in such extreme conditions like cold storage.

Sturdy Forks for easy pallet entry and exit with single, double, triple and quad configurations. Control handle and grab bar designed to fit the hand plus roomy platform with convenient lean points. Photo: Swire Cold Storage VietNam

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Raymond Reach-Fork Truck in action at Swire Cold Storage Vietnam. Photo: Swire Cold Storage VietNam

Raymond Reach-Fork Truck in action at Anpha AG Cold Storage. Photo: Anpha AG Cold Storage

Total area of Anpha AG Cold Storage is 10.000 m2 (1st stage). Equipped with modern facilities and equipment, Anpha AG Cold Storage is a well-known cold storage in Vietnam. Raymond Forklifts supplied by P.S.L help Alpha to fulfll their needs on material handling equipment.

The Raymond Reach-Fork Truck is designed for maximizing load and unloading activities in warehouses. The combination of unique ACR System and ergonomics makes the operation more efficent, smoother and less downtime.

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