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PSL Table Tennis Game for welcoming Lunar New Year 2015

Lunar New Year 2015, or Tet holiday is coming soon. These days, Vietnamese people are busy preparing to welcome a new year with happiness and cheer. In PSL, it is colorful decorated with flowers in PSL's Garden. And PSL Table Tennis Game is the main part for welcoming Tet holiday.  

A corner of PSL's garden with colorful flowers: white, yellow, purple, red, brown, etc.

Colorful flowers make everyone feel highly enthusiastic and happy for coming Tet

February 7 2015, all PSL staffs participated in the PSL Table Tennis Game at PSL workshop. This is an extra-office activity for PSLers saying goodbye the year of Horse 2014 and welcome the year of Goat 2015.

Below are unforgettable moments of PSL Table Tennis Game - Welcome Lunar New Year 2015:

Athletes carefully listen to the umpire announcing the game rules

One player who has correct guess which umpire's hand the ball is in is the "winner" to choose to serve, receive, or 

to choose which side of the table to use.

Starting the initial serve

Well concentration for each ball

Women athletes trying their best as good as the men done

… they even have difficult ball for the opponent

Preparation for Tet gift had also been finished already. These gifts would be sent to our customers.

PSL Table Tennis Game for welcoming Lunar New Year 2015 expresses the spirit of solidarity for a stronger PSL.