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Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 – Delivery moon cakes together with Kinh Do

Giant confectioner Kinh Do Corporation announced this week that it would supply 2,800 tonnes of moon cakes for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival. It said this is 15 per cent higher than last year and includes many new products and flavours. This year the company is focused on the gifts segment. Since the middle of last month it has exported 100,000 moon cakes to the US and soon plans to export also to Cambodia.

In order to cooperate with Kinh Do to meet her target, PSL has delivered the fleet of power pallet trucks model 102 XM. We are proud to work together with Kinh Do for delivering the moon cakes to customers in this coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Model 102XM Pallet Trucks: Maneuver Docks Effortlessly


Unrivaled for its rugged durability and maneuverability. The Model 102XM offers unparalleled productivity and performance whether your application is:
- Loading and unloading pallets on the dock
- Delivering pallets over the road to customers or retail stores
- Moving pallets from backroom storage areas to retail shelving

Please click here to learn more about Raymond® Model 102XM Walkie Pallet Truck or watch video.


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