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Forklift Operator Training: Put Superior Training On Your Schedule

 Training is profitable

The driver performance directly effect the total life cycle costs of a truck. This means that every improvement in driver efficiency has a positive leverage effect on the cost per pallet moved. Driver training also means safety. In the worst case, incorrect truck handling can lead to injury. Correct handling reduces the risk of damage to goods and property, as well as ensuring that trucks last longer and cause minimal injury in use.

 Driver training

The aim is safe, efficient and responsible truck drivers through pedagogical and comprehensive training covering safety regulations, truck stability and loading limits, daily maintenance, ergonomics, etc. Naturally, practical training is given under the guidance of experienced instructors.

 Customized training

Training is adapted so that each participant can benefit from the course in the best possible way. We customize training according to truck type, type of handling, internal traffic rules, etc. Courses are held at times and place to suit the customer.

 Some images of PSL training courses

Safety training course for operators

Practice training course

Photo at the end of the course